Tow / Koronet Sound Bug in BF3

Recently the Community Manager for EA posted a request on Reddit for information in regards to a sound bug that has been present in Battlefield 3 for sometime now.  The bug varies depending on the system that you are playing on.  For example it is a random disappearance of all sounds when playing on PS3 and the trigger is difficult to locate.  On the PC the sound issue occurs, but it is a bit easier to pin down.  What will occur the most often is that a person will fire the Tow or Koronet Launcher on that map which causes the sound effect of the reloading of that weapon to loop permanently.  After a few minutes that begins to impact the sound of those that are in the vicinity of that weapon, and eventually it will plague that entire map with the sound bug.  This process will speed up if the weapon is fired more than once as the reload sound is now being played twice and in a permanent loop.

Here is a video of the bug in action