Some of Delinquents favorite BF3 moments

Wanted to provide our listeners with a couple of videos from the best moments that I have had playing BF3 with Sildar and other members of the Greyskull Power Company (My BF3 Clan).  So as not to cause to much confusion I use the tag of Kalanth when I play online.  I have actually used that longer than Delinquent, but I became better known as Delinquent thanks to my stints in Matrix Online and APB / APB: Reloaded.

Now, in this particular clip it is Greg Dave and I while Sildar watches from up on high at the crane.  We found a lone sniper out in the desert of Operation Firestorm and decided to make a game of it.  I felt bad for the guy when we finally got to him, but it was 3 am and we were kind of goofy at this point.

And here is another wonderful moment where Zterrans and myself were running from the B flag on Kharg Island as we went to make a selection of our next target.  What Z managed to do here I did not even realize was possible.