Bioshock Infinite

Please...Please...Don't disappoint us.
In only two weeks, Bioshock Infinite will be released to fans of the Bioshock Series. Irrational Games gets back behind the keyboard to develop Bioshock Infinite.  After a highly praised reveal at E3 in 2011, gamers have waited with bated breath for the release.

For those who don't know the premise of Bioshock Infinite, set in the year 1912 in the sky-city of Columbia, you play former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt.  Your mission is to find an imprisoned Elizabeth and bring her back to New York in one piece.  Needless to say, things go awry while trying to free Elizabeth.

What sold me on this game?  The Skyhook, just watch the footage and tell me you aren't excited for this game.

Yes, you can buy a Skyhook replica
Skyhook Replica

The game can't get here soon enough....