Play With Me!

Just in case you all were not aware we, The Gamers, have started a new project on YouTube called Play With Me.  These videos are basically "live recordings" of either Delinquent, Griffin, or Sildar playing a game while the other members of Thirtyish Gamers watch and comment on the game (or other things).  We have posted a couple of them on our YouTube channel but I wanted to make sure that I came here and shared them with you all as well.

Here is the first in the series, Play With Me - Battlefield 3:

Obviously we would start here as I love BF3 so much.  Enjoy a flawless round of hot tank action as Delinquent owns his world.

And here is the second video in the series, Play With Me - Trials Evolution:
Play with Me - Trials Evolution Gold Edition

No clue why she did not want to be embedded into the post, but here we have Griffin playing a bit of Trials Evolution Gold Edition as Delinquent enjoys the ride.