About Thirtyish Gamers

Who We Are

The Hosts


The illustrious "old man Del" of the podcast, whose brainchild this is. He grew up on consoles and tabletop RPGs, but spends much of his time today on PC. He runs a bi-weekly Pathfinder game that Sildar participates in, and carefully avoids paying MMO subscription fees. A devout fan of the PS3.


The console cowboy, Griffin haunts XBOX Live. Having dabbled in tabletop and not wholly averse to PC gaming, Griff may well be the most well-rounded member of the podcast.


The young gun, Sildar is an unabashed PC elitist. He has a narrow but enthusiastic tabletop background, and spent his youth playing through Nintendo consoles and developing RSI on MUDs. Usually dragged into a console exclusive kicking and screaming.